Arthur the King (1985)

USA, Yugoslavia, 1985
colour, 4:3
mono, English

An American/Yugoslavian television fantasy film directed by Clive Donner.

Plot Summary

Queen Guinevere is abducted from Camelot by Arthur’s evil sister Morgan Le Fay. Lancelot is charged with getting her back but in the process falls in love with her…


Director: Clive Donner
Comworld Productions, Jadran Film, Martin Poll
Producer: Martin Poll
Associate Producer: David White
Co-Associate Producer: Kathryn Stellmack
Script: David Wyles
Narration Script: John Smith
Director of Photography: Denis Lewiston
Editor: Peter Tanner
Music: Charles Gross
Sound Recordist: David Hildyard
Costume Designer: Phyliss Dalton
Production Designer: Francisco Chianese

Malcolm McDowell (King Arthur)
Candice Bergen (Morgan Le Fay)
Edward Woodward (Merlin)
Dyan Cannon (Katherine)
Joseph Blatchley (Mordred)
Rupert Everett (Lancelot)
Rosalyn Landor (Guinevere)
Liam Neeson (Grak)
Patrick Ryecart (Gawain)
Philip Sayer (Agravain)
Ann Thornton (Lady Ragnell)
Lucy Gutteridge (Niniane)
Denis Lill (King Pellinore)
John Quarmby (Sir Kai)
Michael Gough (Archbishop)
Milance Avramovic (Gorgo)
Teri Tordai (Enchanted Queen)
Mary Stavin, Carole Ashby, Alison Worth (princesses)
Peter Blythe (guide)
Pat Starr (woman passenger)

Alternative Titles

Merlin and the Sword – US video title
Merlin und das Schwert – German title
Taikuri Merlin – Finnish title
Taikuri Merlin ja kiviraunioiden kirous – Finnish title