Arsenal (1929)

USSR, 1929
70m, 75m, 90m
black and white, 1.33:1

A Russian drama film with fantasy scenes directed by Alexander Dovzhenko.

Plot Summary

In the aftermath of World War I, Ukrainian soldiers are returning home. One of them, Timosh, survives a train crash, and begins to challenge the local authorities, agitating for the adoption of the Soviet system. In one scene, a soldier continues to march even after death.


Director: Alexander Dovzhenko
VUFKU, Odessa Film Studio
Assistant Director: Lazar Bodyk, Alexei Kapler
Screenplay: Alexander Dovzhenko
Photography: Danylo Demutsky
Art Director: Isaac Shpinel, Vladimir Mueller
Original Score: Igor Belza
Music [Restored Version]: Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov
1972 Restoration: Mosfilm

Semyon Svashenko (Tymish)
Amvroziy Buchma (gassed German soldier)
Mikola Nademsky (official)
M. Kuchynsky (Petlyura)
O. Merlatti (Sadovsky, the actor)
D. Erdman (German officer)
S. Petrov (German soldier)
G. Khorikov (Red Army soldier)
R. Wagner (nurse)
K. Mykhaylovsky (Ukrainian nationalist)
A. Yevdakov (Tsar Nicholas II)
B. Zagorsky (dead soldier)

Alternative Titles

Arsenaal – Netherlands
– Italy
– Hungary



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