Aroused (1966)

USA, 1966
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Anton Holden.

Plot Summary

Manhattan prostitutes are being murdered by a psychopath.


Directed by: Anton Holden
© [not given on screen]
Plaudit Productions presents. A Cambist Films release
Produced by: Ray Jenkins
Associate Producer: Lee Hessel
Production Manager: Lisa Schwartz
Screenplay: Anton Holden and Ray Jenkins
From a Story by: Anton Holden and Richard Shull
Director of Photography: Gideon Zumbach
Exteriors Photographed by: Ray Jenkins
Cameraman: Bob Morton
Assistant Editor: Mark Rappaport
Head Grip: Dallas Garvin
Editor: Anton Holden
Scoring: Edmund Mitchell
Sound: John Fodor

Djanine Lenon [real name: Janine Lenon] (Ginny Smith)
Steve Hollister (Detective Johnny)
Joanna Mills (Ann)
Fleurette Carter (Angela)
Ted Gelanza (Gus)
Tony Palladino (Louis)
Robert Barker
Adrienne Mann
Sharon Green
Marlene Stevens (Pat)
Ann Rutherford
Lucy Becker
Art Miller
Stephanie Anders
Lisa Simpson
Rick Widmark
Fredrica Daniels
Anthony Rocco
Pete Dejoia

Alternative Titles

L’Explosion du désir – French Belgian title
Tödliche Begierde – West German title



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