Arnold (1973)

95m, 8531 feet
35mm film, colour (by De Luxe)
mono, English

An American comedy horror film directed by Georg Fenady. It was originally released in the USA on 16 November 1973.

Plot Summary

Karen marries a wealthy nobleman in a posthumous ceremony so that she can inherit his fortune. But a series of murders are soon being committed that seem to be orchestrated by the corpse of Arnold…


Directed by: Georg Fenady
© MCMXXIII [1973] Bing Crosby Productions, Inc.
BCP a service of Cox Broadcasting Corporation presents. A Fenady Associates production in association with BCP
Executive Producer: Charles A. Pratt
Produced by: Andrew J. Fenady
Written by: Jameson Brewer and John Fenton Murray
Director of Photography: William Jurgenson
Film Editor: Melvin Shapiro
Music by: George Duning
Sound: David Ronne, Robert Crosby, David Dockendorf
Costumer: Oscar Rodriguez, Vou Lee Giokaris
Makeup: Jack H. Young
Hair Styling: Virginia Jones
Special Visual Effects: Joe Mercurio
Art Director: Monty Elliott

Stella Stevens (Karen)
Roddy McDowall (Robert)
Elsa Lanchester (Hester)
Farley Granger (Evan Lyons)
John McGiver (governor)
Bernard Fox (Constable Hooke)
Patric Knowles (Douglas Whitehead)
Jamie Farr (Dybbi)
Norman Stuart (Arnold)
Ben Wright (Jonesy)
Shani Wallis as Jocelyn
Victor Buono as the minister
Wanda Bailey (Flo)
Steven Marlo (1st dart player)
Leslie Thompson (2nd dart player)

Alternative Titles

Family Plot – working title


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