Army of Darkness (1992)

USA, 1991
81m, 96m [Director's Cut]
35mm, colour, 1.66:1 [negative ratio], 1.85:1
Dolby Stereo, English
Reviewed at The

An American horror film directed by Sam Raimi. Although a sequel to The (1981) and Evil Dead II (1987), Army of Darkness tones down much of the horror in favour of more overtly comedic fantasy action.

Plot Summary

Having defeated the Evil Dead in the 20th Century, Ash finds himself sucked through a time warp and into England where he is forced into battle with a whole army of reanimated , flying Deadites and .


* = uncredited

Directed by: Sam Raimi
© Dino De Laurentiis Communications
Dino de Laurentiis Communications presents a Renaissance Pictures productions
Co-Producer: Introvision International, Inc.
Produced by: Robert Tappert
Co-producer: Bruce Campbell
Written by: Sam Raimi & Ivan Raimi
Director of Photography: Bill Pope
Edited by: Bob Murawski & R.O.C. Sandstorm [real name: Bruce Campbell.[/mfn]
Music by: Joseph LoDuca
Sound Mixer: Al Rizzo
Costume Designer: Ida Gearon
Makeup Supervisor: Camille Calvet
Key Hairstylist: Jeri Baker
Special Makeup Effects by: Kurtzman, Nicotero & Berger EFX Group
Ash & Sheila Makeup Effects by: Tony Gardner and Alterian Studios, Inc.
Stop Motion Supervisor: Peter Kleinow
“Book of the Dead” Animation and Design by: Tom Sullivan
Visual Effects Supervisor: Richard Malzahn
Production Designer: Tony Tremblay

Bruce Campbell (Ash)
Embeth Davidtz (Sheila)
Marcus Gilbert (Arthur)
Ian Abercrombie (wiseman)
Richard Grove (Duke Henry)
Timothy Patrick Quill (blacksmith)
Michael Earl Reid (Gold Tooth)
Bridget Fonda (Linda)
Patricia Tallman (possessed witch)
Theodore Raimi (cowardly warrior)
Deke Anderson (tiny Ash #1)
Bruce Thomas (tiny Ash #2)
Sara Shearer (old woman)
Billy Bryan (pit deadite #1)
Shiva Gordon (pit deadite #2)
Nadine Grycan (winged deadite)
Bill Moseley (deadite captain)
Michael Kenney (Henry's man)
Andy Bale (lieutenant #1)
Robert Brent Lappin (lieutenants)
Rad Milo (tower guard)
Brad Bradbury (chief archer)
Sol Abrams, Lorraine Axeman, Josh Becker, Sheri Burke, Don Campbell, Charlie Campbell, Harley Cokliss, Ken Jepson, William Lustig, David O'Malley, David Pollison, Ivan Raimi, Bernard Rose, Bill Vincent, Chris Webster, Ron Zwang (fake Shemps)
Angela Featherstone [girl in S-Mart] *
Kevin O'Hara [deadite] *
Sam Raimi [knight in sweatshirt and sneakers/knight who says “I'm Afraid”] *

Alternative Titles

Armáda temnot – Czech Republic title
L'armata delle tenebre – Italian title
Armee der Finsternis – German title
L'Armée des ténèbres – Evil Dead III – French title
L'Armée des ténèbres – French/French Canadian title
Armia ciemnosci – Polish title
Armija mraka – Serbian video title
Army of Darkness: Evil Dead III – Swedish title
Army of Darkness: The Medieval Dead – UK video title
Army of Darkness: The Ultimate Experience in Medieval Horror – closing credits title
Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness – full opening title
El despertar del diablo 3 – Mexican title
El ejército de las tinieblas – Spanish title
Evil dead 3 – L'armée des ténèbres – French DVD title
The Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness – UK DVD title
O Exército das Trevas – Portuguese title
Kyaputien supamaketto: Shiryo no harawata III – Japanese title
Uma Noite Alucinante 3 – Brazilian title
Pimeyden armeija – Finnish title
A sötétség serege – Hungarian title
O stratos tou skotous – Greek DVD title
Tanz der Teufel III: Armee der Finsternis – German title
Vojska tame – Croatian title

Sequel to
The Evil Dead (1981)
Evil Dead II (1987)

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