Armchair Theatre: The Ship That Couldn’t Stop (1961)

UK, 2 July
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Armchair Theatre (1956-1974) – series 3, episode 35

A British science fiction television episode directed by Alan Cooke.

Plot Summary

A nuclear powered ship is on a collision course for New York.


Direction: Alan Cooke
ABC Television
Producer: Sydney Newman
Script: Christopher Hodder-Williams
Designer: Assheton Gorton

Frank Pettingell (Commodore Grant)
Donald Churchill (Michael Holland)
Scott Forbes (Roman)
Madeleine Burgess (Mrs Bollanger)
Michael Balfour (Mr Bollanger)
Jemma Hyde (Ann Shields)
Philip Stone (Sir Ronald Caterham)
Norman Bowler (Wainwright)
John Colin (Sullivan)
Richard Klee (steward)
Harry Webster (Anderson)
Michael Caine (helmsman)
Peter Sinclair (chief engineer)
Graham Corry, Ian Anderson, Tony Veale (engineers)



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