Armchair Theatre: The Greatest Man in the World (1958)

UK, 9 November
black and white, 4:3
Series: Armchair Theatre (1956-1974) – series 2, episode 9

A British science fiction television episode directed by Ted Kotcheff.

Plot Summary

The story of the first man to venture into space.


Director: Ted Kotcheff
ABC Television
Producer: Sydney Newman
Script: Reuben Ship
Short Story; James Thurber
Designer: Timothy O'Brien

Ludovic Kennedy
Gerry Wilmot
McDonald Parke
Donald Pleasence
Wensley Pithey
Alec Ross
William Hutt
Jon Sullivan
Janet Brandes
Peter Madden
Mark Baker
Cal McCord
Michael Balfour
Elaine Dundy
Arnold Bell
Launce Maraschal
James Dyrenforth
Guy Kingsley-Poynter
Patricia Moffat
Patrick McGoohan (Jack ‘Pal' Smurch)
Roland Brand
Margaret Boyd
Spencer Teakle