Armchair Mystery Theatre: The Last Reunion (1965)

UK, 9 May
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Armchair Mystery Theatre (1960-1965) – series 3, episode 1

A British fantasy television episode directed by Bill Bain.

Plot Summary

A group of fighter pilots from World War II meet for their annual reunion dinner. But this year there's a ghostly presence among them which is going to reveal a devastating secret.


Directed by: Bill Bain
An ABC production
Produced by: Leonard White
Written by: Kenneth Hyde
Story Editor: Terence Feely

Jeremy Kemp (Hugo, pilot)
Esmond Knight (Simmie, C.O.)
Nora Swinburne (Elizabeth, his wife)
Ronald Brandon (manservant)
Robin Hawdon (Johnnie, navigator)
Ken Farrington (Ginger, bomb-aimer)
Bryan Mosley (Dusty, wireless operator)
Walter Carr (Jock, flight engineer)
Griffith Davies (Reg, rear-gunner)
Roger Croucher (Buck, mid-upper-gunner)

Remake of
ITV Television Playhouse: The Last Reunion (1955)