Arena: An Absurd Notion (1985)


A British science fiction film directed by Russell Mulcahy. It features the band Duran Duran in a concept live video with Milo O'Shea reprising the role of Durand Durand, the scientist he played in Barbarella (1968) and from where the band took their name. Incorporated into the narrative is an extended 7 minute video for the track The Wild Boys (1984) (released separately to promote the single release) which was intended as a promo for a feature length adaptation of William S. Burroughs' 1971 novel The Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead. The adaptation was never made.

Plot Summary

Scientist Dr Durand Durand escapes from the Matmos and heads for Earth, mistaking the chanting of teenage girls at a pop concert for people calling his name. But when he discovers that the people of Earth don't want him but the band of the same name, he plotting his


Director: Russell Mulcahy
© 1985 TDV2 Ltd. in association with Picture Music International
Picture Music International, Eagle Vision
Executive Producers: Harry Blum, Tony Silvester
Produced by: Michael Berrow, Paul Berrow
Line Producer: Chrissie Smith
Director of Photography: Tony Mitchell
Editor: Tim Waddell
Words & Noises: Muscle Films
Costume Design: Bob Crowley
Make-Up: Derri Hawes, Sheila Thomas, Sally Sutton, Sue Mann
Hair: Aaron Glynn, Mitch Wilson
In Charge of Prosthetics: Nick Maley
Special Effects: Barry Whitrod, Peter Dawson, Kenny Gittens, Trevor Neighbour
Animation: Jerry Hibbert
Art Director: Grey Lipley

Duran Duran are
Simon Le Bon
Nick Rhodes
Andy Taylor
John Taylor
Roger Taylor

Milo O'Shea [Duran Duran]
Malcolm Dixon
Danny Blackner
Anthony Georghiou
Hugh Spight (stilt walker)
Tony Haygarth (voice characterisation)
Carl Furrer, Stewart Harrison, David Pumfrett, John Petterson, Simon Barnes, Kevin Allen, Noel Wallace, Bunty, Eddie Kemp, Luke Baxter, Sally Dewhurst, Patrick Mitton, Floid, Mia, Michael Ho, Kevin Searle, Dougie Howes, Jeff Davis, Tom Wilson, David Miles, Simon Mitton, Beverly, Perri (wild boys)
Kevin Searle, Kevin Allen, John PettersonFrance, s Wingate, Mia Kelly, Lorraine Whitmarsh, Phillippa Williams, Anna Kiplin, Stuart St. Paul, Nick Gillard, Helen Caldwell, Lisa Harman, Debbie Wakeman, Stewart Harrison, David Pumfrett (fans)

Alternative Titles

Arena: Duran Duran
Arena the Movie

Extracts included in
The Making of Arena (1985)

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