Arena (1988)

93m, 115m
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Peter Manoogian.

Plot Summary

In the year 4038, short order cook Steve Armstrong is fired and determines to escape the crushing monotony of life on a sterile space station and return to Earth. To further his efforts, he agrees to be the first human being to fight against alien fighters in The Arena, a hugely popular TV show. Armstrong gets mixed up in the crooked doings of villainous businessman Rogor and eventually gets a crack at the Championship, taking time out only to romance nightclub singer Jade along the way.


Directed by: Peter Manoogian
© MCMLXXXVIII [1988] Altar Productions, Inc.
Empire Pictures presents an Irwin Yablans/Charles Band production
Executive Producer: Charles Band
Produced by: Irwin Yablans
Associate Producer: Debra Dion
Written by: Danny Bilson & Paul DeMeo
Director of Photography: Mac Ahlberg
Edited by: Andy Horvitch
Music Composed by: Charles Band
Sound Mixer: Mario Bramonti
Costume Designer Rome: Michela Gisotti
Costume Designer Los Angeles: Cathy Clark
Make-up Artist: Allessandro Jacoponi
Hair Stylist: Carla Indoni
Make-up Effects Los Angeles: Mechanical & Make Up Imageries
Special Effects Supervisor Rome: Renato Agostini
“Sloth” Designed and Created by: Screaming Mad George and S.M.G. Inc
Additional Creature Design by: Alan Munro
Roto Animation: Lisze Bechtold, Kevin Kutchaver
Production Designer: Giovanni Natalucci

Paul Satterfield (Steve Armstrong)
Claudia Christian (Quinn)
Hamilton Camp (Shorty)
Marc Alaimo (Rogor)
Armin Shimerman (Weezil)
Shari Shattuck (Jade)
Jack Carter (announcer)
Brett Porter (Wayne)
Charles Tabansi (Troy)
Michael Deak (Horn)
William Butler (Skull)
Grady Clarkson (Commssioner Dent)
Dave Thompson (doctor)
Ken Clark (Marcus)
Diana Rose (space lady in nightclub)
Cliff Lance (space comic)
Wayne Brewer (Vang)
George Masselli (fish kid 1)
August Lohvarv (fish kid 2)
Steve Wang (Sloth)

Alternative Titles

Arena – Nur einer Ãœberlebt – Germany
Arena, ring de las galaxias – Spain



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