Archive (1998)

UK, 1998
colour, 1.85:1
stereo, English

A British animated science fiction film directed by Andrew MacLeod.

Plot Summary

A space mission crash lands on a remote planet and the crew are forced to effect repairs. But while they are exploring their surroundings, they discover traces of a long dead civilisation that looks remarkably like those on Earth…


* = uncredited

Director: Andrew MacLeod
Producer: Andrew MacLeod *
Script: Andrew MacLeod, Andrew Lowes *
Script Editor: Andrew Lowes
Computer Animator: Andrew MacLeod
Editor: Andrew MacLeod *
Assistant Editor: John Caro
Sound Recordist: Nigel Shepherdson
Sound Assistant: Emma Coulson

Scott Heslop (Boxton)
Jenny Craven-Smith (Eskmar)
Colette Stevenson (captain)
Mac Warden [real name: Andrew MacLeod] (scientist)