Archangel Thunderbird (1998)

mono, English

A British science fiction television special directed by Kevin Davies.


Scientist Dr Churchill learns that ancient are about to return and reclaim the Earth as their own. Naturally, no-one believes him, but soon his prediction is coming true and alien demons Baal and Dygon begin their assault on the planet. The only people who can stop them now are Churchill and his army of fellow and specially trained soldiers, collectively known as Doomshield who are ready to unleash their secret weapon, an ancient robot known as the Archangel Thunderbird.


Live-Action Director: Kevin Davies
Copyright & TM 1998 Alan Grant, Tony Luke, Bruce Attley and Yasushi Nirasawa
Renga Media
Produced by: Tony Luke (Renga Studios), Chris Leach (Greenlight Digital)
Screenplay by: Alan Grant & Tony Luke
Lighting: Jonathan Minor, Andy Locke
Editor: Andy ‘Radar' Locke
Music Performed by: Archangel Thunderbird (Dan Woods, Billie Godfrey, Ben Mitchell, Martin Cooper, Tony Luke, Martin McGhee, Chacrit Ahpornsiri)
Opening Title Theme: Tim Howarth & Chris Andrews
Millennium Revelation” & Incidental Music by Ben Mitchell & Billie Godfrey
Live Unit Sound: Jon Guthrie
Visual Effects Director: Tony Luke
Archangel Models: Bruce Attley, Toby Carrington
3D & CGI: Gary Behar
Production Designer: Bruce Attley

Doug Bradley (Dr Churchill)
Eileen Daly (Miki Manson)
Adrian Bunting (Rob Cainer)
Neil Gaiman (Baal)
Claire Sturgess (Dygon)
Tom Finnis (gunman)
Julian Deering (technician)
Martin Cooper (heavy 1)
Martin McGhee (heavy 2)
Gary Behar (guard)
Bob Friend (himself)



  • SFX no.31 p.11 – illustrated note