Apprentice to Murder (1988)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

A Norwegian horror film directed by R.L. Thomas.

Plot Summary

A fundamentalist preacher, John Reese, temas up with a gullible young man, Billy Kelly, to commit a number of murders in the name of Jesus.


Directed by: R.L. Thomas
© 1987 K/S LLF Productions A/S
HOT International a.s. presents an R.L. Thomas film. A K/S LLF Produtions A/S production
Executive Producer: Michael Jay Rauch
Produced by: Howard K Grossman
Co-producer: John H. Williams, The Program Development Company
Associate Producer: Michael R. Haley
Written by: Allan Scott and Wesley Moore
Director of Photography: Kelvin Pike
Editor: Patrick McMahon
Music by: Charles Gross
Sound Recordist: Jan Brodin
Costume Designer: Elisabeth Ann Seley
Make Up Supervisor: Robin Granthen
Hair: Robert W. Cybula
Special Effects: Meddings Magic Camera Company, Limited, Derek Meddings, Mark Meddings, Roy Spencer
Production Designer: Gregory Bolton

Donald Sutherland (John Reese)
Chad Lowe (Billy Kelly)
Mia Sara (Alice Spangler)
Rutanya Alda (Elma Kelly)
Eddie Jones (Tom Kelly)
Knut Husebø (Lars Hoeglin)
Mark Burton (Clay Myers)
Tiger Haynes (Rufus)
Adrian Sparks (Irwin Myers)
Minnie Gentry (Mama Isobel)
Blain Fairman (foreman)
Mert Hatfield (sheriff)
Keith Edwards (cop 1)
Chris Langham (Patterson)
Lars Hiller (Prouty)
Ed Wiley (Mr Krieglander)
Agnette Haaland (Mrs Krieglander)
Irina Eidsvold (Jessica)
Bembo Davis, Tor Hansen (factory workers)
Michael R. Haley (jailer)
Edel Eckblad (old woman)

Alternative Titles

L'apprenti criminel – French video title
Aprendiz de asesino – Spanish title
Aprendiz de Assassino – Portuguese title
A gyilkos segédje – Hungarian title
Kuoleman Oppipoika – Finnish video title
The Long Lost Friend – working title
Die Nacht der Dämonen – West German title
La notte dello sciamano – Italian title
The Teacher – Belgian video title
Uczen mordercy – Polish title
Подмастерье убийцы – Russian title
Съучастник в убийство – Bulgarian title



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