Apocalypse! (1999)

UK, USA, 30 December

A British/American television documentary directed by William Cran and Ben Losterman. The documentary was first broadcast on Channel 4.


A look at the development of apocalyptic ideology through the ages.


Direction: William Cran, Ben Losterman
Co-director: Nancy Fraser Gilford
Frontline, InVision Prods, Ben Losterman Prods, WGBN Educational Foundation in association with Channel 4
Senior Executive Producer: David Fanning
Executive Producer: Michael Sullivan
Senior Producer: William Cran
Co-ordinating Producer: Robin Parmelee
Producer: William Cran, Ben Losterman
Co-producers: Harry Gural, Nancy Fraser Gilford
Associate Producer: Aida Collins, Rebecca John, Bernadette McDaid
Production Managers: Amanda Doig Moore, Marcy Goldberg, Kate Leonard-Morgan
Production Manager (Frontline): Tom Mangini
Series Manager: Jim Bracciate
Script: William Cran, Ben Losterman
Principal Photography: Paul Lang, Martin Patmore, Boyd Estus
Assistant Camera: William Humphris
Rostrum: Ken Morse, Ed Joyce
Post Production Co-ordinator: Julie Parker O'Brien
Editorial Direction: Marrie Campbell
Editor: Allen Charlton (hour one); Peter Rhodes (hour two)
Assistant Editor: Alex Zdan
Online Editor: Michael A. Dawson, Clive Pearson
Music: Paul Foss
Sound: Dudley Houlden, Brian Showell, Dick Williams, Kenny Delbert, Frank Coakley
Dubbing Mixer: Greg McCleary, Bob JacksonGraphics: Nilgun Karsam, Mehinel Koyunoglu
Production Accountant: Dannie Wai
Production Team: Laura Longsworth, Fo Smith, Anouk Berendsen, Kevin Hoffal, Johanna Kovitz
Fixers: Ella Sides (Israel); Stan Schneider (Germany); Lily Sadechi (Iran); James Walker (Italy); Geoffrey Dean Smith (Greece)
Original Research: David Condon
Research: Lynn Davies
Historical Consultant: L. Michael White
Archive Sources: ABC News Video Source; Archive Films; CNN; DOE/NV Co-ordination and Information Center; John Hages Ministries; Liberty Broadcast Network; National Archives; UCLA Film and Television Archive; UC Santa Cruz; USGS; WFAA-TV; KWTX-TV; SMPKzu Berlin Museum

Juliet Stevenson (narrator)