Apartment Zero (1988)

UK, Argentina,
Dolby, English

A British/Argentine horror film directed by Martin Donovan.

Plot Summary

Adrian LeDuc runs a failing revival movie cinema and is forced to rent out his insane mothers room to make ends meet. His new lodger, Jack Carney, may not be all that he seems – could he be the serial killer that is stalking the streets of Buenos Aires?


Director: Martin Donovan
Producers Representative Organization, Summit Company
Executive Producer: Stephen J. Cole
Producers: Martin Donovan, David Koepp
Associate Producer: Ezequiel Donovan
Script: Martin Donovan, David Koepp
Story: Martin Donovan
Director of Photography: Miguel Rodríguez
Editor: Conrad M. Gonzalez
Music: Elia Cmiral
Costume Designers: Angélica Fuentes, Marisa Urruti
Make Up: Mirta Blanco
Hair: Alberto Moccia
Production Designer: Miguel Ãngel Lumaldo
Locations: Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina

Hart Bochner (Jack Carney)
Colin Firth (Adrian LeDuc)
Dora Bryan (Margaret McKinney)
Liz Smith (Mary Louise McKinney)
Fabrizio Bentivoglio (Carlos Sanchez-Verne)
James Telfer (Vanessa)
Mirella D'Angelo (Laura Werpachowsky)
Juan Vitali (Alberto Werpachowsky)
Cipe Lincovsky (Mrs Treniev)
Francesca d'Aloja (Claudia)
Miguel Ligero (Mr Palma)
Elvia Andreoli (Adrian's mother)
Marikena Monti (Tango singer)
Luis Romero (projectionist)
Oca Spirito (woman in cinema 1)
Micky Chapman (woman in cinema 2)
Claudia Rosemblat (nurse 1)
Sandra Calderón (nurse 2)
Max Berliner, Mane Arauz, María José Catino (prospective tenants)
Debora Bianco (girl in cafe)
Federico D'Elia (boy in cafe)

Alternative Titles

Apartament zero – Polish title
Vaarallinen muukalainen – Finnish title



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