Anything to Declare? (1938)

UK, 1938
77m, 6928 feet
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British borderline science fiction film directed by Redd Davis.

Plot Summary

Professor Grayson’s anti-gas formula is stolen by the pacifist Dr Klee and his cronies.


Director: Redd Davis
Rembrandt Film Productions, Butcher Empire
Producer: Neville Clarke
Under the Personal Supervision of: T. Neville Carter, Ralph C. Wells
Story and Screenplay by: Hayter Preston
Assistant Director: Arthur Barnes
Photography: Geoffrey Faithfull
Editor: Cecil Williamson
Music [Performed] by: Percival Mackey and His Orchestra
Musical Director: Percival Mackey
Recordist: Hal Fuller
Art Director: R. Holmes Paul
Produced at: Nettlefold Studios (Walton-on-Thames)

John Loder (Capt. Rufus Grant)
Noel Madison (Dr Heinz Klee)
Belle Chrystall (Nora Grayson)
Leonora Corbett (Helaine Frank)
Jerry Verno (Hugo Guppy)
Davina Craig (Polly)
Eliot Makeham (Professor Grayson)
Alexander Sarner (Mr Vander)
Melville Crawford (Pete Voss)
Nigel Barrie (Colonel Lockwood)
Carl Melene (Monsieur Bruckner)

Alternative Titles

Top Secret



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