Antropophagus (1980)

81m (Italy, USA – theatrical), 87m (Germany), 88m 14s (UK – video), 92m (Italy – video)
35mm, Technicolor
mono, Italian

A violent Italian gore film directed by Joe D'Amato and written by his regular collaborator George Eastman. Released in the USA as The Grim Reaper and in the UK as Anthropophagous: The Beast, where it wound up on the UK's “” list due to numerous scenes of violence. It was D'Amato's first proper horror film and in the documentary Joe D'Amato Totally Uncut 2: The Horror Experience (1999) he claimed that the film was made solely for non-Italian markets and acknowledged that the film was a flop on native soil. Antropophagus was followed by a semi-sequel, Rosso sangue (1981), also known as Absurd and Zombie 6: Monster Hunter and was remade as Anthropophagus 2000 (1999) by German director Andreas Schnaas.

Plot Summary

On a Greek island, a group of come across an apparently deserted village. But they're not alone and are soon being stalked and messily killed by a huge cannibal.


* = uncredited

Director: Joe D'Amato
© [not given on Italian prints]
© 1981 Film Ventures International, Inc. [on US prints]
P.C.M. International and Filmirage presents
Screenplay by: Luigi Montefiore [Montefiori on UK prints] [aka: George Eastman]
Story by: Luigi Montefiore [aka: George Eastman], Aristide Massaccesi [aka: Joe D'Amato]
Director of Photography: Enrico Biribicchi
Editor: Ornella Micheli
Music: Marcello Giombini
Sound Technician: Goffredo Salvatori
Costumes: Ennio Michettoni
Make Up: Pietro Tenoglio
Art Director: Mario Paladini
Locations: R.P.A. Elios, Roma; Greece

Tisa Farrow (Julie)
Saverio Vallone (Alan)
Vanessa Steiger [real name: Serena Grandi] (Maggie)
Margaret Donelly (Henriette)
Mark Bodin (Daniel)
Bob Larson (Arnold)
Rubina Rey (Harriet)
Simone Baker, Mark Logan (German tourists)
George Eastman (Nikos Karamanlis (Klaus Weltman in some versions))
Zora Kerova (Carol)
Joe D'Amato [man in cable car] *

Alternative Titles

– alternative spelling
The Anthropophagous Beast – UK
Anthropophagous the Beast – UK (advertising)
Anthropophagus – alternative spelling
Antropophagous – France
Atropofago – Portugal
Gomia, terror en el mar egeo – Spain
The Grim Reaper – USA
Man Beast
The Man Eater
Maneater der Menschenfresser
– Germany
Der Menschenfresser – Germany
The Savage Island – Venezuela

Anthropophagus 2000 (1999)

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Rosso sangue (1981)



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