Anticlimax (1973)

90m, 3240 feet
16mm film, colour, mono

A Mexican fantasy film directed by Gelsen Gas. It was originally released in Mexico on 4 January 1973.

Plot Summary

A young engineer living in a strange city meets a woman from the country, falls in love and marries her. But then his entire live is revealed to be a film projected on his wall.


Director: Gelsen Gas
S.A. Estudios Churubusco Azteca
Producer: Gelsen Gas
Production Manager: Bosco Arochi
Script: Luis Urías
Commentary Writer: Homero Aridjis
Poems: Raquel Jodorowsky
Photography: Rafael Corkidi
Additional Photography: Manuel Palomino, Juan Manuel González
Editor: Carlos Savage
Music: Jimmie Nicol, Gelsen Gas
Additional Music: Misha and Urias, The Moonlighters, Rodolfo Sánchez, Miguel Peña, Alicia Villaseñor
Sound: James L. Fields, Ernesto Caballero
Special Effects: Antonio Muñoz
Title Design: Gustavo Andrade
Choreography: Julia Villaseñor

Rodolfo Bandala
Mauricio Davison (Donino)
Tina French (Donino's wife)
Gabriela Goldsmith
Adriana Pérez Rómo
Leopoldo Ayala
Sergio Contreras
Tamara Garina
Sergio Gusik
María Victoria
El Avator Enmascarado



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Other Sources

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