Anti-clock: A Time Stop in the Life of Joseph Sapha (1979)

35mm film, colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

A British science fiction film directed by Jane Arden and Jack Bond.

Plot Summary

A young psychic is subjected to a experiment.


Directed by: Jane Arden and Jack Bond
© Kendon Films 1979
Boyd/Co-Kendon Films present a Jack Bond production. A film by Jane Arden and Jack BondIn
Executive Producer: Don Boyd
Produced by: Jack Bond
Associate Producer: Louise Temple
Original Scenario by: Jane Arden
Video Conception: Jane Arden, Rupert Parker, Jack Bond, Gordon McKerrow, Mike Biddle, Dominic Holiday
Film Processed by: Kay Laboratories
Kay Laboratories Liaison: John Simpson *
Music Arranged and Played by: Mihai Dragutescu
Dubbing Mixers: Derek McColm, Trevor Barber
Miss Cameron's Clothes by: Jean Muir
Lingerie by: Janet Reger
Accessories by: Browns
Spectacles: Nuoptic
Hair by: Evansky
Creative Associate: Gordon McKerrow
Creative Production Team: Gordon Mckerrow, Louise Temple, Rupert Parker, Roger Stamp, Nick Knowland, Gary Wood, Martin Bond, Brian Hodgeson, Austin Martin, Claude Dasan, Mike Davis, Madeline Most, Billy Malone, Andy Ward, Judith Neame, Dushko Indjic, Jack Davis, Ian Wallis
Police Adviser: Pat Cassidy
Archive Research: Philip Saville, Roger Miles, Louise Temple, Dominic Holiday
Archive Sources: BBC; Pathe; Visnews; Movietone
Cabaret Design: Open Space Theatre
Doves by: Franklin
Made on location in London & Norfolk
Fight Arranger: Derek Ware

Sebastian Saville as Joseph Sapha and Professor J.D. Zanov
Suzan Cameron (Alanda Clark)
Tom Gerrard (the dealer)
Liz Saville (Sapha's sister)
Madame Luisa Aranowicz, Marguerita Gagarin, Yoshiro Matsuya, Russian and Chinese delegates, Katherine Newell (the parapsychologist)
Gia-Fu Feng (t'ai-chi master)
Don Wilde (alpha therapist)
Prof. R. Feynman (the physicist)
Brian Jones
Jasper Gough
Robert Armstrong
Joe Chappell
Molly Tweedlie
Derek Osborne
Tony C.T. Tang
Chan Fai
William K. Lam
Pat Bond
Kenneth Pearson
the men of Cley and Blakeney

Alternative Titles




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  • Variety 17 September 1980 p.18 – review