Anthropophagous 2000 (1999)


A German horror film directed by Andreas Schnaas.

Plot Summary

Nikos Karamanlis and his family are caught in a storm during a boat trip and the daughter Vicky is killed. Adrift in a lifeboat, Nikos becomes a cannibal and feeds on the rest of his family. Soon he's stalking a group of young people on a holiday.


* = uncredited

Director: Andreas Schnaas
Producer: Sonja Schnaas
Script/Story: Karl-Heinz Geisendorf
Original Story: Aristide Massaccesi *
Director of Photography/Dolly Grip Assistant/Gaffer/Electrican: Marc Trinkhaus
Editors: Marc Trinkhaus, Karl-Heinz Geisendorf
Music: Marc Trinkhaus
Special Make Up Effects: Movie Magic, Jens Bauhuf, Bernd Meißner
Digital Visual Effects: Movie Magic, Jens Bauhuf, Bernd Meißner
Locations: Austria; Borgo San Lorenzo, Toscana, Italy

Oliver Sauer (Georg Stockmann)
Cornelia De Pablos (Rita)
Andreas Stoek (Marc)
Sybille Kohlhase (Auriet/Irena Karamanlis)
Achim Kohlhase (Stan)
André “Body” Sobottka (Vincent)
Sandra Berg (Vicky Karamanlis)
Joe Neumann (Steven Bauers)
Jens Bauhuf (Marsh Güldenbaum)
Bernd Meißner (1st Interpol agent)
Karl-Heinz Geisendorf (Allan)
Maja Carstens (Mary)
Sven Carstens (Stuart)
Andreas Schnaas (Nikos Karamanlis)
Dirk Thies (the vagabond)
Carsten De Jonge (Hank)
Cordula Kruger (Martha Karamanlis)

Alternative Titles

Cannibal 2000 – US video title
Man Eater 2000 – German title

Remake of
Antropophagus (1980)