Another Son of Sam (1977)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Dave A. Adams. It was filmed in 1975 under the title Hostages but wasn't released, as Another Son of Sam, until 1977.

Plot Summary

A SWAT team hunts down an escaped psychopath on a killing spree.


Directed by: Dave A. Adams
© MCMLXXVII 1977 Dave A. Adams Films
Dave A. Adams presents
Produced by: Dave A. Adams
Co-producers: Donnie Rucks, Carl Jones, Gene Cale, Jerry Kool, Ron Sherrill, Rozella Langston, Christy Dimon
Written by: Dave A. Adams
Cinematographer: Harry M. Joyner
Editor: Dave A. Adams
Sound: John Dellinger
Make-up: Alice Robinson
Special Effects: Robert Shelley, Vernon L. Hyde

Russ Dubuc (Lt Setzer)
Cynthia Stewart (Dr Daisy Ellis)
Bob McCourt (Captain Thompson)
John Harper (Sgt Flowers)
Larry Sprinkle (Officer Mike Shuster)
Bill Brown (Officer John Mills)
Bonnie Schrier (Heather)
Kim Saunders (Darlene Page)
Pam Mullins (Tina)
Garland Atkins (Swat Leader Lt Nelson)
Martin Hill (Swat officer)
Joe Artero (Dave)
Charlie Reynolds (Mr McWhirther)
Richard Poyner (Dr Neisler)
Carl Jones (Dr Hood)
Nyle Clay (hallway doctor)
Ann Owens (Harvey's mother)
Pat Joyner (Pat (nurse))
Jennifer Bartlett (extra nurse (station))
Juanita Clark (receptionist at hospital)

Alternative Titles

Hostages – working title
Son of Sam



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