Anno 2020: I gladiatori del futuro (1983)

35mm film, colour
mono, Italian
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An Italian science fiction film directed by Joe D'Amato using the name Kevin Mancuso though he later distanced himself from the film, claiming that it was mostly shot by his long-time collaborator George Eastman/Luigi Montefiore who was supposed to be making his directorial debut with the film but was nervous of handling the action scenes. While Eastman shot the scenes with the actors – the majority of the film – and D'Amato handled the second unit action stuff, it was D'Amato's name alone that made it to the credits (everyone in the credits has their name anglicised in an effort to disguise the film's Italian roots.)

Plot Summary

The Rangers, first seen breaking up a gang rape in an abandoned warehouse, are the only vestige of law and order in a world ravaged by war and natural disasters. The Rangers – Nisus, Catch Dog, Red Wolfe, Halkaron and Jab – save Maida from the rapacious marauders but are forced to cut Catch Dog loose when he also tries to sexually assault her. Five years later, Nisus and Maida are living a seemingly comfortable life in the settlement of Free Town with their young daughter. But their lives are turned upside when bandits led by Catch Dog and working for fascist warlord Black One turn up and attack the settlement, looking to appropriate their power plant and uranium mine. Nisus is killed in the attack and the colony falls, leaving Maida to team up with the three remaining Rangers, recruit a nearby Native American tribe and set off to reclaim Free Town.


Directed by: Kevin Mancuso [real name: Joe D'Amato]
[Director]: George Eastman
The Continental Motion Pictures Inc. presents
Production Supervisor: Helen Handris [real name: Donatella Donati]
Original Story and Screenplay by: Alex Carver [real name: George Eastman]
Director of Photography: John Larson [real name: Joe D'Amato]
Editor: Caesar White
Music Composed and Conducted by: Francis Taylor
Production Sound Recordist: Wiley Crosby
Costume Designer: Linda Connors
Make Up: Patrik Russell, Barry Hills
Special Effects: James Davies, Robert Gold, Peter Gray
Production Designer: Robert Jenkins

Harrison Muller (Jab)
Al Cliver (Nisus)
Daniel Stephen (Catch Dog)
Peter Hooten (Halakron)
Al Yamanouchi [real name: Haruko Yamanouchi] (Red Wolfe)
Sabrina Siani (Maida)
Donal O'Brien (Black One)

Alternative Titles

2020 – Os Gladiadores do Texas – Portugal
2020 – Texas Gladiators – West Germany
2020 Freedom Fighters – UK (video)
2020 Gladiadores de Texas – Spain
2020 Los Rangers de Texas – Spain
2020 Texas Gladiators – Canada, France, UK, US
2020: Гладиаторы будущего – Russia
Anno 2020 – I gladiatori del futuro – Italy
Gladiadores del año 2020 en Texas – Mexico
Gladiatorzy z Teksasu roku 2020 – Poland
Oi monomahoi tou Texas – Greece (video)
One Eye Force – Norway
Texas v. 2000 – Finland
Texasi gladiátorok – Hungary
近未来戦士テキサス2020年 – Japan


Extracts included in
Joe D'Amato Totally Uncut: The Horror Experience (2001)



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