Annihilator (1986)

USA, 7 April 1986
35mm film, Technicolor, 4:3
mono, English

An American science fiction television film directed by Michael Chapman.


A reporter uncovers a plot by and their to invade the Earth. When he's seen destroying one of the androids, he's forced on the run in search of his girlfriend who was replaced by the machine he destroyed. He learns that there's a whole group of people who were abducted during an airplane flight and sets out to find and destroy all of their replacements…


Directed by: Michael Chapman
Executive Producer: Roderick Taylor
Supervising Producer: Alex Beaton
Associate Producers: Bruce A. Taylor, Robin Buxton
Written by: Roderick Taylor & Bruce A. Taylor
Director of Photography: Paul Goldsmith
Edited by: Frank Mazzola
Music: Sylvester Levay and Udi [real name: Udi Harpaz]
Theme: Sylvester Levay
Sound: Edwin J. Somers Jr
Costume Supervisor: Thomas Johnson
Make Up: Michael Westmore, Zoltan Elek
Hair: Diane Taylor
Art Director: Kirk Axtell
Casting: Tom Pemrick
Locations: Crestline, California, USA

Mark Lindsay Chapman (Robert Armor)
Susan Blakely (Layla)
Lisa Blount (Cindy)
Brion James (alien leader)
Earl Boen (Sid)
Geoffrey Lewis (Alan Jeffries
Catherine Mary Stewart (Angela Taylor]
Nicole Eggert (Elyse)
Paul Brinegar (Pops)
Barry Pearl (Eddie)
Barbara Townsend (Celia Evans)
Christopher Johnston (Christopher)
Channing Chase (Susan Weiss)
Glen Vernon (Henry Evans)
Richard Partlow (FBI agent #2)
Biff Yeager (FBI agent #1)
Toni Attell (Patty)
James Parkes (policeman)
Rodger LaRue (man in coat)
Stanley Bennett Clay (Cammie)

Alternative Titles

Die Androiden – West Germany video title
O Aniquilador – Brazil
Executor – Finland

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