Animal Farm (1999)

USA, 3 October

An American fantasy television film directed by John Stephenson.

Plot Summary

Two , Snowball and Napoleon, lead an revolution at Manor Farm, overthrowing the cruel Farmer Pilkington. But the new found power goes to Napoleon's head – he ousts Snowball, and sets up a totalitarian regime more brutal and corrupt than the one he helped to overthrow.


Director: John Stephenson
Animal Farm Productions Ltd, Hallmark Entertainment, Turner Network Television
Executive Producer: Robert Halmi Sr
Supervising Producer: Paul Lowin
Producer: Greg Smith
Co-Producer: Morgan O'Sullivan
Script: Alan Janes, Martyn Burke
Novel: George Orwell
Director of Photography: Mike Brewster
Editor: Colin Green
Music: Richard Harvey
Sound Mixer: Jim Corcoran
Special Effects: Jim Henson's Creature Shop
Visual Effects: Cinesite (Europe) Ltd
Production Designer: Brian Ackland-Snow

Kelsey Grammer (Snowball)
Ian Holm (Squealer)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Mollie)
Julia Ormond (Jessie)
Pete Postlethwaite (Benjamin/Farmer Jones)
Paul Scofield (Boxer)
Patrick Stewart (Napoleon)
Peter Ustinov (Old Major)
Charles Dale (Moses/Pincher)
Amanda Symonds
Louise Gold (Mabel)
Paul Mark Elliott
Jean Beith (Muriel)
Nicole Tibbles
Tim Whitnall
Brian Gulland
Hannah King
Tim Merton-Laight
Charlotte Merton-Laight

Alan Stanford (Farmer Pilkington)
Caroline Gray (Mrs Jones)
Gail Fitzpatrick (Mrs Pilkington)
Joe Taylor (Mr Frederick)
Jimmy Keogh (Dennis)
Noel O'Donovan (Eric)
Gerard Walsh, Jer O'Leary (farmers)
Sean Fitzsimons, Conor Kirwan (Pilkington's sons)

Alternative Titles

Djurfarmen – Sweden
Eläinten kapina – Finland

See also
Animal Farm (1953)



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