Angels (1992b)

68m 9s (UK), 85m
35mm film, colour

An American pornographic fantasy film directed by John Leslie.

Plot Summary

When a man tries to kill himself his guardian angel turns up to show him the error of his ways.


Director: John Leslie
Producer: Louis T. Beagle [real name: John Leslie]
Story and Screenplay: Dominic Ruth
Director of Photography: Jack Remy
Editor: John Leslie
Music: Bill Heid
Sound Engineer: Pete De Huit
Wardrobe: Nadine
Make-up Artist: Alan C. Bosshardt
Settings: Carla

Savannah (Angel)
Angela Summers (Gigi)
Alicyn Sterling (Mimi)
Missy Warner (Randi)
Brigitte Aime (girl)
Peter North (Caesar)
Joey Silvera (Vito)
T.T. Boy (Detective Carmine)
Jamie Gillis (Jerk Off Sam)
Joey Murphy (man #1)
Jake Steed (man #2)
Tom Byron (Dominic)
James Lewis (man #3)

Alternative Titles

Ãngeles – Venezuelan title



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