Angela (1996)

USA, 1995

An American horror film directed by Rebecca Miller.

Plot Summary

Ten year old Angela and her six year old sister Ellie engage in a series of to rid themselves of the evil that Angela believes caused their mother's nervous breakdown. Angela suffers of and waits for the coming of to save them.


Director: Rebecca Miller
Tree Farm Productions
Producer: Ron Kastner
Line Producer: Lemore Syvan
Script: Rebecca Miller
Director of Photography: Ellen Kuras
Editor: Melody London
Music: Michael Rohatyn
Sound: Stefan Springman
Costume Designer: Todd Thomas
Make Up: Valerie Gatchell
Production Designer: Daniel Talpers

Miranda Stuart Rhyne (Angela)
Charlotte Eve Blythe (Ellie)
Anna Thompson [real name: Anna Levine.[/mfn] (Mae)
John Ventimiglia (Andrew)
Ruth Maleczech (sleepwalker)
Vincent Gallo (preacher)
Garrett Bemer (Tom)
Peter Facinelli (Lucifer)
Hynden Walch (Darlene)
Henry Stram (man at fair)
Sara Caitlin Hall (Anne)
Frances Conroy
Gerard Lyons III
Rodger L. Phillips (Frank)
Io Tillet Wright (Sam)
Wil McKnight (Greg)
Carl Nick Reighn (fair attendant)
Jack O'Connell (man at bar)
Nurith Cohn (makeover woman)
Constance McCord (the virgin mary)



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