Angel on the Amazon (1948)

USA, 1948
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American fantasy film directed by John H. Auer.

Plot Summary

An expedition into jungle discovers a goddess who lives in harmony with the local wildlife amd who is apparently immortal.


Director: John H. Auer
Copyright MCMXLVIII [1948] by Republic Pictures Corporation
A Republic production. Republic Pictures presents
Associate Producer: John H. Auer
Screen Play by: Lawrence Kimble
Original Story by: Earl Felton
Director of Photography: Reggie Lanning
Film Editor: Richard L. Van Enger
Music: Nathan Scott
Sound: Victor B. Appel and Howard Wilson
Costume Supervision: Adele Palmer
Makeup Supervision: Bob Mark
Hair Stylist: Peggy Gray
Special Effects: Howard and Theodore Lydecker
Optical Effects: Consolidated Film Industries
Art Director: James Sullivan

George Brent [Jim Warburton]
Vera Ralston [Christine Ridgeway]
Brian Aherne [Anthony Ridgeway]
Constance Bennett [Dr Karen Lawrence]
Fortunio Bonanova [Sebastian Ortega]
Alfonso Bedoya [Paulo]
Gus Schilling [Dean Hartley]
Richard Crane [Johnny MacMahon]
Walter Reed [Jerry Adams]
Ross Elliott [Frank Lane]
Konstantin Shayne [Dr Jungmeyer]

Alternative Titles

Drums Along the Amazon – UK title
Rummut Amazonilla – Finnish title
Il sortilegio delle amazzoni – Italian title

Extracts included in
That's Action (1977).