Angel on Fire (1974)

35mm film, colour

An American pornographic fantasy film directed by Roberta Findlay.

Plot Summary

The philandering Steven is killed in a car crash after dumping his pregnant girlfriend. As punishment, he is sent back from to be reincarnated as Stephanie and can only be allowed back into Heaven if he can fall in love with – and be loved in return – by a man just like Steven…


Director: Roberta Findlay
Essex Distributing
Producer: Roberta Findlay
Script: Roberta Findlay
Director of Photography: Roberta Findlay
Editor: Anna Riva [real name: Roberta Findlay]
Art Director: Tyrone Green
Locations: New York City, New York, USA

Jennifer Jordan [real name: Sarah Nicholson] (Angel Number 9)
Darby Lloyd Raines (Stephanie)
Judy Craven
Jamie Gillis (Jeff)
Marc Stevens (driver)
Eric Edwards (Angel 10)
Sandy Foxx
Regina Lee
Alan Marlow
Elmen Steel
Desiree West

Alternative Titles

Angel No.9
Angel Number 9
Kymmenen senttiä riittää…
– Finland

Extracts included in
Bucky's '70s Triple XXX Movie House Trailers Vol.3 (1995)



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