Angel Above – The Devil Below (1975)

mono, English
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An American pornographic horror film directed by Dominic Bolla.

Plot Summary

Teenager Randy lives in the suburbs with her mother who is having sex with both her boyfriend George and with the handyman doing up their home. One night, Randy overhears one of her mother's enthusiastic romps while reading an ancient book about . appears in her room and lusts after her body before disappearing down between her legs and possessing her vagina.


Director: Dominic Bolla
© Turner Enterprises, Inc. MCMLXXV [1975]
© MCMLXXIX [1979] by Cal Vista International
Turner Enterprises presents
Script: John Cutaia, Katherine Merlin

Brittany Laine [real name: Linda York] (Randy Maldemar)
Robert Bedford (George)
Starlyn Simone (Turgid Maldemar)
Mindy Bryant [real name: Rene Bond] (Prudence Enfusoria R.N.)
Tricky Nicky [real name: John Keith] (Lucius Watergag)
Robbie Roberson (Dennis Harp)
Jon Barnum (Peter Harp)
Chesley Noone (Dr I.M. Moribund)
Nimrod Sappho (Dr Max Wanker)
Maria Arnold [real name: Maria Jamison] (Debbie)
Lamar Gilbert (Devil)

Alternative Titles

Angel Above and Devil Below
Angel Above, Devil Below

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