Angel (1983)

stereo, English
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An American borderline horror film directed by Robert Vincent O'Neil.

Plot Summary

Intellectually gifted 15 year old Molly spends her days earning high grades at school and her nights working Hollywood Boulevard as the prostitute Angel. The product of a disastrous childhood (her parents abandoned her at age twelve), Molly is cared for by the transvestite Mae, lesbian landlady Solly Mosler and a potty former stuntman, Kit Carson. Also working the Boulevard is brutal serial killer Billy Boy who is captured and identified by Molly who saw his abduct his last victim. But Billy Boy escapes and comes looking for his accuser…


Directed by: Robert Vincent O'Neil
© 1983 The Angel Venture
New World Pictures and Adams Apple Film Company present a Sandy Howard production
Executive Producers: Mel Pearl & Don Levin
Produced by: Roy Watts & Donald P. Borchers
Associate Producer: Bob Manning
Written by: Robert Vincent O'Neill & Joseph M. Cala
Director of Photography: Andrew Davis
Film Editor: Charles Bornstein
Music by: Craig Safan
Production Sound Mixer: Craig Felburg
Costume Designer: Kathy Clark
Makeup Artists: Kathy Shorkey, Joanne Kozloff
Hair Stylist: Darri Roseborough
Special Effects: Roger George
Art Director: Stephen Marsh

Cliff Gorman (Lt Andrews)
Susan Tyrrell (Solly Mosler)
Dick Shawn (Mae)
Rory Calhoun (Kit Carson)
Donna Wilkes as Molly/Angel
John Diehl (the killer [Billy Boy])
Elaine Griftos (Patricia Allen)
Donna McDaniel (Crystal)
Graem McGavin (Lana)
Mel Carter (Collins)
Steven M. Porter (Yoyo Charlie)
David Underwood (Ric Sawyer)
David Anthony (Howie)
Josh Cadman (Spike)
Greg Lewis (Themopolis)
Karyn Parker (Diane)
Dennis Kort (Wayne)
Ken Olfson (Mr Saunders)
Peter Jason (the john)
Gene Ross (vice cop)

Alternative Titles

Angel – Straße ohne Ende – West German title
Angel – sista natten – Swedish title
Angel killer – Italian title
Aniol zemsty – Polish title

Sequels (NOTE: none of the following are listed in EOFFTV)
Avenging Angel (1985)
Angel III: The Final Chapter (1988)
Angel 4: Undercover (1993)



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