Android (1982)

80m, 2200 metres
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Aaron Lipstadt.

Plot Summary

Dr Daniel and his android assistant Max, lead a quiet and isolated life aboard a remote space station where they are involved in illegal research into the creation of new and better . Their lives are turned upside down when three fleeing from justice arrive aboard the station.


Directed by: Aaron Lipstadt
© 1982 New World Productions, Inc. and Android Productions, Inc.
New World Pictures [logo]. Released by New World Pictures
Executive Producer: Rupert Harvey in association with Barry Opper
Produced by: Mary Ann Fisher
Written by: James Reigle, Don Opper
Android is based on an original idea by: Will Reigle
Director of Photography: Tim Suhrstedt
Supervising Editor: R.J. Kizer
Editor: Andy Horvitch
Music by: Don Preston
Sound Mixer: Mark Ulano
Costumes: Merril Greene, Audrey Kasoff
Makeup: Sue Dolph
Hair Stylist: Peter Tothpal
Special Effects Makeup Design: John Buechler
Special Effects by: New World Effects
Art Directors: K.C. Scheibel, Wayne Springfield

Klaus Kinski (Dr Daniel)
Brie Howard (Maggie)
Norbert Weisser (Keller)
Crofton Hardester (Mendes)
Kendra Kirchner (Cassandra)
Max 404 (himself) Gary Corarito, Mary Ann Fisher, Darrell Larson, Ian Scheibel (Terrapol: Neptune)
Julia Gibson, Wayne Springfield (Terrapol: Minos)
Randy Connor, Roger Kelton, Rachel Talalay, Johanne Todd (Terrapols: Landing Party)

Alternative Titles

Der Android – German title
Androide – Spanish title
Androidi – kaksintaistelu avaruudessa – Finnish title

Includes extracts from
It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
Metropolis (1926)

Extracts included in
Critters 4 (1991)


Stills no.7 (July-August 1983) p.86
“Like Dark Star, Android is a playful film, witty (‘Max, you're a doll!'), charming and affectionate, though with mankind increasingly coming to play the role of target in the quick-flick market, it is perhaps ironic that our sympathy should be canvassed for the deprivation of robots.” – from a review by Brian Case


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