And Then There Were None (1974)

France, Spain, West Germany, Italy, UK,
92m, 98m, 105m
35mm film, Eastmancolor

A French/Spanish/West German/Italian/British thriller with borderline horror elements directed by Peter Collinson.

Plot Summary

The mysterious Mr Owen invites eight strangers to his luxury hotel at Isfahan in Iran who are told by a mysterious voice on a tape recording that they are all unpunished murderers and that all will die by dawn. Before long they start dying one by one and paranoia among the survivors is rife. Can they catch the killer before he/she gets them all?


* = uncredited

Directed by: Peter Collinson
Produced by Filibuster Films Ltd. [English language prints]
Produced by: Harry Alan Towers
Screenplay: Peter Welbeck [real name: Harry Alan Towers] [English version]; Erich Kröhnke [German version]; Enrique Llovet [French version]
Novel [Ten Little Niggers] by: Agatha Christie [credited in possessory above title]
Director of Photography: Fernando Arribas
Editor: John Trumper
Music Composed and Conducted by: Bruno Nicolai; Carlo Rustichelli *
Sound Mixer: Ivan Sharrock
Art Director: José María Tapiador [Spanish prints]

Oliver Reed (Hugh Lombard)
Elke Sommer (Vera Clyde)
Richard Attenborough (Judge Arthur Cannon)
Stéphane Audran (Ilona Morgan)
Gert Froebe (Wilhelm Blore)
Herbert Lom (Dr Edward Armstrong)
Maria Rohm (Elsa Martino)
Adolfo Celi (General Andre Salve)
Alberto de Mendoza (Otto Martino)
Charles Aznavour (Michel Raven)
Teresa Gimpera
Rick Battaglia [real name: Rik Battaglia.[/mfn]
Orson Welles [voice in tape recording]

Alternative Titles

…e poi non ne rimase nessuno – Italian title
Diez negritos – Spanish title
Dix petits nègres – French title
Ten Little Indians – US title
Ein Unbekannter rechnet ab – German title
Zehn kleine Negerlein – German title


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