And Now for Something Completely Different (1971)

35mm film, “photographed in Eastmancolor”, 1.37:1, 1.66:1 (animation sequences)
mono, English
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A British fantasy film directed by Ian MacNaughton.

Plot Summary

A compilation of restaged skits from 's Flying Circus (1969-1974).


Directed by: Ian MacNaughton
© MCMLXXI [1971] Kettledrum/Lownes Productions Ltd.
Columbia Pictures Corporation [logo] Playboy Productions presents a Kettledrum production. Monty Python presents a Python Productions film. Made by Kettledrum Productions
Executive Producers: Victor Lownes; David Gil *
Produced by: Patricia Casey
Screenplay & Conception: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin
Based on the BBC TV show Monty Python's Flying Circus *
Director of Photography: David Muir
Film Editor: Thom Noble
Music: Douglas Gamley *
Sound Mixer: John Brommage
Costumes: Ken Lewington
Make-up: Jimmy Evans
Hairdresser: Ivy Emmerton
Animations: Terry Gilliam
Art Direction by: Colin Grimes

Graham Chapman
John Cleese
Eric Idle
Terry Jones
Michael Palin
Carol Cleveland
Connie Booth
Terry Gilliam *


Today's Cinema no.9944 (1 October 1971) p.16 (UK)
“Those of us who have followed Monty Python's Flying Circus in its will-o'-the-wisp, now you see it now you don't, progress from cautious try-out to in-crowd success will greet this film as an old friend. Which is just as well, as we have seen most of the sketches before and the element of surprise is lost. Compared with the television show, the pace of the film is greatly improved, with items that were originally allowed to grow repetitious with length tightened to a cohesive whole. But it has to be admitted that even the most polished mosaic of bits and pieces must inevitably have patches that seem dull when the pattern is without shape. The sheer profusion of sketches works against the film because it is physically impossible to keep on laughing for 88 minutes non-stop. Craving a rest, one's sense of humour takes refuge in unresponsive trances. This is a hazard that could not be avoided if the film was to retain the style of its parent series; but inevitably doesn't make it any less of a hazard so far as audience reaction is concerned.” – from a review by Marjorie Bilbow


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