…And Millions Die! (1973)

Australia, USA,
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.33:1
mono, English

An Australian/American borderline science fiction film directed by Leslie H. Martinson. It was originally developed as a pilot for an unmade television series.

Plot Summary

Nazi war criminal Franz Kessler has fled to Hong Kong where he helps terrorists to develop a lethal gas. To cover his tracks, he plants a bomb in the Hong Kong sewers attached to a sample of the gas and the authorities race against time to prevent the bomb from going off and the population of Hong Kong being wiped out.


Directed by: Leslie H. Martinson
Copyright MCMLXXIII [1973] [company not given]
Allied Artists Pictures Corporation and Apa Leisure Time International Limited presents. An Apa Leisure Time International Limited production
Executive Producer: Charles B. Walnizer
Produced by: Mende Brown
Associate Producer: John Daniell
Written by: Michael Fisher
Director of Photography: Paul Onorato
Editor: Richard Hindley
Music Composer and Conductor: Laurie Lewis
Sound Supervisor: Les Mckenzie
Wardrobe: Jane Petley
Make Up: Pat Hutchence and Jill Porter

Richard Basehart (Dr [Douglas] Pruitt)
Susan Strasberg (Heather Kessler)
Peter Sumner (Dixie Hart)
Joseph Furst (Franz Kessler)
Alwyn Kurts (Dr Mitchell)
Tony Wager (Inspector Bigelow)
Leslie Nielsen ([Jack] Gallagher)
Jack Allen (Tootoochy)
George Assang (Chen)
Niki Turner (Tootoochy's girl)
Shariff Medan (postman)
Rick Scully (officer)
Rowena Wallace (Maggi Christopher)
Carmen Duncan (Jill Brennan)
Willie Fennell (Sid Broomberg)
Les Foxcroft (Henshaw)
Rici Effendl (captain)
James Ho (Ohn Nu)
Malik Selamat (Chi)
Gary Mulloy (Sgt. Wilson)

Alternative Titles

…And Millions Will Die!
E Force One
– shooting title



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