Anchor Zone (1994)


A Canadian science fiction film directed by Andre Pelletier.

Plot Summary

In the near future, Robin is a trainee with a huge society controlling corporation. His life is changed when he helps a group of youngsters escape from an experiment being run by his employers.


Director: Andre Pelletier
Alliance, Norstar Releasing Inc, Red Ochre Productions, Telefilm Canada, Enterprise Newfoundland and Labrador Corp, National Film Board of Canada, WIC, Super Channel, National Screen Institute Canada, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Tetra
Executive Producer: Ken Pittman
Line Producer: Mary House
Producer (Red Ochre): Ken Pittman
Producer (NFB): Michael Mahoney
Associate Producer: T.H. Hatte
Script: T.H. Hatte
Director of Photography: Michael Jones
Editors: Helene Girard, Michael Munn
Music/Music Supervisor: Sandy Morris
Sound Recordist: Jim Rillie
Costume Designer: Peggy Hogan
Make Up/Hair: Paulette Cable
Special Effects: Ron Craig, Reg Ashby
Production Designer: Pam Hall

Nicole Stoffman (Robin)
Michael Luke (Ved)
Mark Critch (Radd)
Pheilm Martin (Dogface)
Andrew Younghusband (Brogan)
Henry Czerny (Lawson Hughes)
Ron Hynes (Colonel Bob)
Janis Spence (Coral)
Sebastian Spence (Duke)
John Ryan (Sam)
Frances Knickle (Julia)
Frank Barry, Michelle Jackson, Barry Newhook, Jack Lamphear, Darrin Forward, Hassan Bangura, Jocelyn Thomas (The Rivet Eaters)
Ashley Billard (thief)
Jon Whalen (cop)
Ruth Lawrence (counsellor)
Janet Edmonds (guard)
Laura House (baby)
Gabriel Williams, Monica Walsh, Carlos Vinc, Leslie Boddie (Veds)