An Englishman’s Castle (1978)

UK, 5 June -19 June 1978
1 series, 3 episodes, average 50m
colour, 4:3
mono, English
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A British science fiction television mini-series directed by Paul Ciappessoni.

Plot Summary

In an alternate 1970's, the won World War II and are now occupying Britain. Soap opera writer Peter Ingram lives in relative seclusion – until he meets a Jewish woman who is also a member of an underground resistance movement.


Regular Crew
Director: Paul Ciappessoni
Producer: Innes Lloyd
Script: Philip Mackie
Script Editor: Giles Foster

Regular Cast
Kenneth More (Peter Ingram)
Isla Blair (Jill/”Sally”)
Anthony Bate (Harmer)
Philip Bond (Inspector)
Kathleen Byron (Mrs Ingram)
Noel Dyson (Connie/”Mrs Worth”)
Rob Edwards (Adrian/”Bert”)
Derrick Gilbert (Begbie)
Fiona Gray (Susan)
Norman Hartley (Commissionaire)
Nigel Havers (Mark Ingram)
Derek Holt (Soldier)
Peter Hughes (John/”Mr Worth”)
Edward Kalinski (soldier)
Jonathan Kydd (Alan)
David Meyer (Henry Ingram)
Ian Munro (policeman)
Jonathan Newth (Theo)
David Roy Paul (head waiter)
Brian Peck (Jimmy)
Suzanne Roquette (Ania)
Louis Sheldon (Heinz/”German Officer”)
Anthony Stafford (Arthur/”Frank”)
Dyfed Thomas (soldier)
Frederick Treves (Lonsdale)