An Arrest (1996)

16mm film, colour

An American horror film directed by Phillip A. Boland.

Plot Summary

A man waiting to be hanged manages to escape after killing his jailer. He flees into the woods where just as he thinks he's got away, he's captured by the jailer's ghost.


Director: Phillip A. Boland
Executive Producer: Phillip A. Boland
Producers: Phillip A. Boland, Cliff Jones, Mel Metcaff, Michael M. Murata
Script: Phillip A. Boland
Short Story: Ambrose Bierce
Director of Photography: Roger Morse
Editor: Cliff Jones
Music: Gregor Narholz
Costume Designer: Zale Morris
Make-up: Heidi Meyer

John Paul Saurine (Orrin)
Harry Bennett (Burton)
Zale Morris (Marshall)
Danny Grossman (doctor)
Michael Strickland (farmer)
Kevin Tunstall (blacksmith)