An American Werewolf in Paris (1997)

USA, UK, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, 1996

An American/British/Luxembourgian/French horror film directed by Anthony Waller.

Plot Summary

Serafine Pigot is the daughter of David Kessler, the American werewolf in London, and his nurse Alex. Serafine now lives in where her mother and stepfather try to find a way to cure the lycanthropy that she has inherited from her father. Three young American tourists find her trying to throw herself from the and find themselves tangling with a secret society of lycanthropes who now have a drug that enables them to become at any time.


Directed by: Anthony Waller
J&M Entertainment presents in association with Cometstone Pictures and Avrora Media and Delux Productions. Hollywood Pictures, Studio Canal+, Propaganda Films, Président Films, Stonewood Communications. A Richard Claus production. An Anthony Waller film
Executive Producer: Anthony Waller
Produced by: Richard Claus
Line Producer: Patricia McMahon
Co-Producer: Alexander Buchman
Associate Producer: Klaus Bauschulte
Associate Producer Luxembourg: Jimmy de Brabant
Co-Associate Producer Paris: Jacques-Eric Strauss
Written by: Tim Burns & Tom Stern and Anthony Waller
Based on the characters created by John Landis in “An American Werewolf in London”
Director of Photography: Egon Werdin
Edited by: Peter R. Adam
Music Composed by: Wilbert Hirsch
Production Sound Mixer: Roberto Van Eijden
Costume Designer: Maria Schicker
Make-Up Artist: Victor Josef Leitenbauer, Katja Reinert
Hair: Katja Reinert, Jeni Walker
Special Make Up Effects: Crawly Creatures/Magicon/Santa Barbara Studios
Special Effects Contact Lenses: Clive R. Kay
Animatronics and Prosthetic Effects Created by: Magicon & Crawley Creatures
Special Effects Supervisor: Harald Ruediger
Rain Effects: Harrie Wiessenhaan, Olivier De Laveleye
Animatronic and Prosthetic Effects: Magicon
Visual Effects Created by: Santa Barbara Studios
Additional Digital Effects Services: POP Film
Digital “Wolfcam” Effects Produced at: View Studio
Production Designer: Matthias Kammermeier

Tom Everett Scott (Andy McDermott)
Julie Delpy (Serafine Pigot)
Vince Vieluf (Brad)
Phil Buckman (Chris)
Julie Bowen (Amy)
Pierre Cosso (Claude)
Tom Novembre (Inspector LeDuc)
Thierry Lhermitte (Dr Thierry Pigot)
Maria Machado (Chief Bonnet)
Ben Salem Bouabdallah (Detective Ben Bou)
Serge Basso (officer with flashlight)
Charles Maquignon (bouncer)
Jochen Schneider (first lycanthrope)
Alan McKenna (second lycanthrope)
Hervé Sogne (third lycanthrope)
Edgar Kohn (fourth lycanthrope)
Jean-Claude Deret (Professor Martin)
Isabelle Constantini (Serafine's mom)
Davis Freeman (nightclub visitor)
Christian Magnani (Bruno)

Alternative Titles

American Werewolf 2
En Amerikansk varulv i Paris
– Norwegian/Swedish title
Un hombre lobo americano en París
– Spanish title
Um Lobisomem Americano em Paris
– Brazilian/Portugese title
Un lupo mannaro americano a Parigi
– Italian title
Le Loup-garou de Paris
– French title

Sequel to
An American Werewolf in London (1981)



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