American Pop (1981)

USA, 1980
35mm film, colour
Dolby, English

An American animated borderline fantasy film directed by Ralph Bakshi.

Plot Summary

Starting in 19th century Russia, American Pop charts the development of American popular music seen through the eyes of a single family which relocates to the United States and finds their lives touched in many ways by jazz, rock, soul and punk. As the 80s dawn, The family’s connections with music culminate with one of them becoming a rock star.


Director: Ralph Bakshi
Columbia Pictures Corporation, Polyc International BV
Executive Producers: Richard R. St Johns, Maggie Abbott
Producers: Ralph Bakshi, Martin Ransohoff
Script: Ronni Kern
Animation: Steven E. Gordon
Design Layout: Louise Zingarelli, Johnnie Vita, Marcia Adams, Barry Jackson
Director of Photography: Frances Grumman
Editor: David Ramirez
Music: Lee Holdridge

Ron Thompson (Toni Bolinski/Pete Bolinski)
Marya Small (Franki)
Jerry Holland (Louie)
Lisa Jane Persky (Bella)
Jeffrey Lippa (Zalmie Bolinski)
Roz Kelly (Eva Tanguay)
Ben Frommer (Nicky Palumbo)
Amy Levitt (Nancy)
Elsa Raven (Hannele)
Leonard Stone (Leo Stern)
Eric Taslitz (Little Pete)
Gene Borkan (Izzy)
Hilary Beane
Beatrice Colen (prostitute)
Frank DeKova (Crisco)
Richard Moll (poet)
Vincent Schiavelli (theatre owner)
Richard Singer (Benny)
Lynda Wiesmeier (the blonde)

Alternative Titles

Amerykanska muzyka pop – Polish title


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