American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (1987)


An American science fiction film directed by Sam Firstenberg. The first film in the series, American Ninja (1985), has no genre elements though the three do. Production began on 27 October 1986

Plot Summary

Joe Armstrong and Curtis Jackson, two tough American , try to find out US Marines are being kidnapped. The culprits turn out to be a the corrupt rulers of a Caribbean island who are using the troops in their genetic experiments to create an army of super ninjas.


Directed by: Sam Firstenberg
The Cannon Group, Inc. presents a Golan-Globus production of a Sam Firstenberg film
Executive Producer: Avi Lerner
Produced by: Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus
Associate Producer: Mati Ratz
Screenplay by: Gary Conway and James Booth
Story by: Gary Conway
Based on the characters created by Avi Kleinberger & Gideon Amir
Director of Photography: Gideon Porath
Edited by: Michael J. Duthie
Music by: George S. Clinton
Make Up Supervisor: Louis Lazzara
Special Effects Supervisor: Paul Staples
Production Designer: Holger Gross

Michael Dudikoff (Joe [Armstrong])
Steve James ([Curtis] Jackson)
Larry Poindexter ([Sgt] Charlie [McDonald])
Gary Conway (The Lion)
Jeff Weston (Wild Bill)
Michelle Botes (Alicia Sanborn)
Michael Stone (Tojo Ken)
Len Sparrowhawk (Pat McCarthy)
Jonathan Pienaar (Taylor)
Bill Curry (Sergeant Singh)
Dennis Folbigge (Sir Cloudsly Smith)
Elmo Fillis (Toto)
Ralph Draper (Professor Sanborne)
John Pasternack (Vesuvius)
Gary Ford (Ambassador Scruggs)
Melvin Jones (Chuck)
Adrian Waldron (Karl)
Jamie Bartlett (Sinclair)
Gavin Van Der Berg (Bert Ballard)
Anne Curtis (Lady Smith)

Alternative Titles

American Fighter 2 – Der Auftrag – Germany
American Fighter 2 – Die Konfrontation – Germany
American Ninja 2 – Italy
Amerykanski ninja 2 – Poland
El guerrero americano II – Spain
Le Ninja blanc – France

American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (1989)
American Ninja 4: The Annihilation (1991)
American Ninja V (1993)



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