American Nightmare (1983)

Canada, 1981
16mm film, colour

A Canadian horror film directed by Don McBrearty.

Plot Summary

Eric Blade goes in search of his sister Isabelle who has disappeared. He's horrified to discover that she was working as a stripper and a prostitute and teams up with Isabelle's roommate Louise to find her her, but crosses the path of her killer, a razor wielding serial killer who is working his way through the town's remaining hookers…


Director: Don McBrearty
Mano, Manesco
Executive Producers: Andrew Kramreither, Paul Lynch
Producer: Ray Sager
Associate Producer: Derrett Lee
Script: John Sheppard
Story: John Gault, Steven Blake
Director of Photography: Daniel Hainey
Editor: Ian McBride
Music: Paul Zaza
Sound Mixer: Dan Latour
Costume Designer: Martha Snetsinger
Make Up/Hair: Miriam Freifeld
Art Director: Andrew Deskin

Lawrence S. Day (Eric Blade)
Lora Staley (Louise Harmon)
Neil Dainard (Tony Shaw)
Lenore Zann (Tina)
Claudia Udy (Andrea)
Page Fletcher (Mark)
Mike Ironside (Detective Skylar)
Larry Aubrey (Dolly)
Mike Copeman (fixer)
Bunty Webb
Tom Harvey
Paul Bradley (motel manager)
Peter Lavender
Marty Doyle
Don MacQuarrie
Alexandra Paul (Isabelle)
Nancy Oliver

Alternative Titles

Amerikan painajainen – Finnish title


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