Amanda and the Alien (1995)

USA, 20 August
Ultra Stereo, English

An American science fiction television film directed by Jon Kroll.


Shop assistant Amanda's life is turned upside down when she meets an alien on the run from a secret military installation. She tries to shelter the alien from its pursuers but as the creature has to change host bodies every few days, it makes her life all the more difficult.


Director: Jon Kroll
IRS Media
Executive Producers: Paul Colichman, Miles A. Copeland III
Producers: Larry Estes, Nancy Paloian
Script: Jon Kroll
Short Story: Robert Silverberg
Director of Photography: Gary Tieche
Editor: Brian Berdan
Music: Jane Cozzi, Michael Cozzi, Jane Wiedlin
Costume Designer: Wendy Range
Creature Effects Designer: Gary J. Tunnicliffe
Production Designer: M. Nord Haggerty
Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Casting: Donald Paul Pemrick

John Diehl (Colonel Rosencrans)
Michael Dorn (Lieutenant Vint)
Stacy Keach (Emmitt Mallory)
David Millbern (Lieutenant LeBeau)
Dan O'Connor (Clark)
Raymond D. Turner (Mac)
Alex Meneses (Connie Flores)
J. Marvin Campbell (guard)
Nicole Eggert (Amanda Patterson)
Marcia Shapiro (shopper)
Carol-Ann Plante (Jessica)
Rene Weisser (Shanda)
Michael Bendetti (Charlie Nobles)
Edwina Moore (newscaster)
Richard Speight Jr (Jojo)
Johnny Caruso (Beatnik Bob)
Allen Cutler (Beret)
Chadd Nyerges (Dave)
Randy O'Connell (uniform cop)
Ryan Holihan (Bellman)

Alternative Titles

Alien Love
Amanda und der Au├čerirdische
– Germany



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