Alucarda, la hija de las tinieblas (1975)

Mexico, 1975
mono, Spanish

A Mexican horror film directed by Juan L. Moctezuma.

Plot Summary

Following the death of her parents, a young woman is taken in by a convent but finds herself possessed by evil forces.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Juan L. Moctezuma
© [not given on screen]
Films 75 and Yuma Films present
Executive Producer: Eduardo Moreno
Produced by: Max Guefen and Eduardo Moreno
Production Manager: Antonio Rodríguez
Screenplay by: Alexis Arroyo and Juan L. Moctezuma
Based upon an idea of Alexis and Tita Arroyo and Juan and Yolanda L. Moctezuma
Assistant Director: Rafael Villaseñor
Scripts [Supervisor]: J. José Espinosa
Photographed by: Xavier Cruz
Edited by: Max Sánchez and Jorge Pena
Negative Cutting: Lilia Lupercio
Music by: Tony Guefen
Sound Recording: Francisco Guerrero
Re-recording: Ricardo Saldívar
Dialogue Director: J. Manuel Rosano
Special Sound Effects: Gonzalo Gavira
Make Up: A. Ramírez del Río
Special Effects: Abel Contreras
Art Direction: Kleomenes Stematiades
Titles: Héctor López
And the S.T.I.C.
Studio: Estudios América, Mexico *

Claudio Brook (Dr Oszek/hunchbacked gypsy)
David Silva (Father Lázaro)
Tina Romero as Alucarda[/Alucarda’s mother]
Susana Kamini as Justine
Lily Garza (Daniela Oszek)
Tina French (Sister Angélica)
Birgitta Segerskog (mother superior)
Adriana Roel (Sister Germana)
Antonio Guerrero
Martín Lasalle (Brother Felipe)
Manuel Dondé (wagon driver)
Adriana Riveroll
Susan Inman
Alejandra Moya
Agustín Isunza (monk)
Paloma Woolrich
Marina Isolda
Sonia Rangel
Betty Catania (nun)
Colombia Moya
Damián Dueñas
Tito Novaro (monk)

Alternative Titles

Alucarda – US video title
Innocents from Hell – US video title
Mark of the Devil Part 3 – US video title
Sisters of Satan – US video title


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