Alpha Scorpio (1974)

Australia, 21 June-26 July
1 season, 6 episodes, average 30m
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English

An Australian science fiction television series aimed at younger audiences created by James Davern. It was originally broadcast on ABC Television.


Two university students discover that their friend is really an alien, part of a group recently arrived from the fifth planet of Antares.


Regular Crew
Directed by: Keith Wilkes, Ric Birch, David Zweck
Albatross Film
Created by: James Davern
Executive Producer: James Davern
Written by: James Davern
Camera Setup: Clifton Ellis, Keith Furguson, Terry Michell, Phil Seymour, Dick Willoughby
Editor: Geoff Satchell
Music by: William Doyle
Theme Music: Rick Wakeman (from The Six Wives of Henry VIII)

Regular Cast
Peter Hepworth (Andrew)
Kevin Wilson (Steven)
Terry Gill (McIntyre)
Neville Thurgood (Collins)
Alexandra Hines (Penny)
Kurt Ludescher (Mirny)
Ian Smith (Bates)
Frank Wilson (Mr Williams)


21 June 1974
28 June 1974
5 July 1974
12 July 1974
19 July 1974
26 July 1974