Alligator II: The Mutation (1990)

USA, 1990
35mm film, colour

An American horror film directed by Jon Hess.

Plot Summary

Slimy Vincent Brown heads a shady corporation trying to buy land for redevelopment from proud Hispanics who naturally want no truck with his capitalist shennanigans. Meanwhile, locals, winos and wildlife are all disappearing, falling victim to a giant alligator in the sewers, an oversized mutation created by chemicals dumped illegally by Brown’s organisation.


Director: Jon Hess
Brandon Chase, Robert S. Bremson, Golden Hawk Entertainment
Producer: Brandon Chase
Co-Producer: Cary Glieberman
Line Producer: John Ross Bush
Script: Curt Allen
Director of Photography: Joseph Mangine
Editors: Marshall Harvey, Chris Ellis
Music: Jack Tillar
Production Sound Mixer: Kim Harris Ornitz
Costume Designer: Elisabeth A. Scott
Head Make Up Artist: James Gillespie
Hair Design: Candice “Brian” Campbell
Mechanical Creature and Make Up Effects Supervisor: Bob McKee
Creature and Special Make Up Effects: Sam McCain, Kelly Mann
Production Designer: George Costello

Joseph Bologna (David Hodges)
Dee Wallace Stone (Christine Hodges)
Richard Lynch (Hawkins)
Woody Brown (Rich Harmon)
Holly Gagnier (Sheri Anderson)
Bill Dailey (Mayor Anderson)
Steve Railsback (Vincent Brown)
Brock Peters (Chief Speed)
Tim Eyster (J.J. Hodges)
Voyo Goric (Carmen)
Buckley Norris (Doc)
Julian Reyes (Reuben Ruiz)
Deborah White (Lynn Holly)
Bill Anderson (timekeeper)
Jack W. Armstrong (Mundo the Wildman)
Harlan Arnold (J.A. Luco)
John Asker (Guidzy)
Christine Avila (Spanish woman)
Ray Bikel (older cop)
Elkanah Burns (real estate broker)

Alternative Titles

Alligator II: The Return

Sequel to
Alligator (1980)


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