Alla ricera del piacere (1971)

78m (USA – as Leather and Whips), 85m
35mm film, Cromoscope, Eastmancolor, 2.35:1
mono, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Silvio Amadio.

Plot Summary

Greta Franklin arrives at the mansion home (on a island near ) of writer Richard Stuart to take up position as his new secretary. But she's actually there to look for her missing sister Sally who also worked for Stuart. She's soon being menaced by a strange figure, seduced by Stuart's wife and learning that there's a lot more to Stuart than meets the eye…


Director: Silvio Amadio
West Film (Rome)
Executive Producer: Roberto Palaggi
Producer: Italo Zingarelli
Script: Silvio Amadio
Director of Photography: Aldo Giordani
Editor: Antonio Siciliano
Music: Teo Usuelli
Art Director: Enzo Bulgarelli

Farley Granger (Richard Stuart)
Barbara Bouchet (Greta Franklin)
Rosalba Neri (Eleonora Stuart)
Umberto Raho (Giovanni, the butler)
Patrizia Viotti (Sally Reece)
Dino Mele (Sandro)
Petar Martonovic (Rocco)
Nino Segurini (Commissioner Antonelli)

Alternative Titles

Amuck – US title
Hot Bed of Sex – UK title
Leather and Whips – US title
Maniac Mansion – US title
Die Nacht der Rollended Koepfe – German title
Il passo dell'assassino – working title
Play Hotel – German title
Repetition d'un crime – French title
Replica di un delitto – Italian title


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