All You Need Is Blood: The Making of Satan’s Slave (1976)

UK, 1976
mono, English

A British non-fiction film of genre interest.


A contemporary behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of Satan’s Slave (1976).


© 2024 David Wyatt/Monumental Pictures Ltd.
Produced by: David Wyatt
Photographed by: David Wyatt
Sound: Colin Minchin

Satan’s Slave Crew
Associate Producer: Moira Young
Produced by: Les Young and Richard Crafter
Directed by: Norman J. Warren
Screenplay: David McGillivray
Music: John Scott

Norman J. Warren (director)
Michael Gough
David McGillivray (writer)
Baron De Veauce
Moira Young (associate producer)
Les Young (producer)
Bryan Hirst (assistant director)
Nick Maley (make-up)

Includes extracts from
Satan’s Slave (1976)