All Hallowe’en (1952)

UK, 1952
black and white

A British fantasy film directed by Michael S. Gordon.

Plot Summary

A woman falls in love with a ghost on All Hallows Eve.


Director: Michael S. Gordon
Joan Maude and Michael Warre Productions
Producers: Joan Maude, Michael Warre
Production Supervisor: Fred A. Swann
Written by: Joan Maude, Michael Warre
Photography: Jack Asher
Editor: Margery Sanders
Associate Editor: Charles Hasse
Music Director: Arthur Oldham
Hair: Doris Pollard
Special Effects: Victor Margutti
Designers: Joan Maude, Michael Warre
Art Director: Les Bowie
Choreography: Frank Staff

Sally Gilmour (Rowena)
Oleg Briansky (Gervase)
Jane Baxter (Lady Delville)
Diane Cilento (Harriet)
Robert Mooney (ghost footman)
Walter Hudd (Wilberforce)
Hattie Jacques (Miss Quibble)
Clive Morton (Sir Arthur)
Ferdy Mayne (soldier)



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