All-American Murder (1992)

Ultra Stereo, English

An American borderline horror film directed by Anson Williams.

Plot Summary

When he arrives at college, Artie falls madly in love with Tally Fuller, The most popular girl in school. But when she's found dead, all the evidence seems to indicate that Artie is to blame. He now has to clear his name and try to find the real killer before he can strike again.


Director: Anson Williams
Enchantment Pictures, Greenwich Films, Trimark Pictures
Executive Producers: Barry Barnholtz, Jonathan Stathakis
Producer: Bill Novodor
Co-Producer: Barry Sandler
Script: Barry Sandler
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Schaaf
Editor: Jonas Thaler
Music: Rod Slane
Art Director: Jim French

Christopher Walken (P.J. Decker)
Charlie Schlatter (Artie Logan)
Josie Bissett (Tally Fuller)
Joanna Cassidy (Erica Darby)
Richard Kind (Lou Alonzo)
Woody Watson (Frank Harley)
Mitchell Anderson (Doug Sawyer)
Amy Davis (Wendy Stern)
J.C. Quinn (Harry Forbes)
Craig Stout (Dean Darby)
Angie Brown (Laurie Grant)
Tim Green (Judge Logan)
Jim Clark Jr (detective)
James Frank Clark (campus police)
Doran Ingram (Marco)
Dawn Kritikos (Louann)
Victoria Wright (pregnant woman)
Grover Coulson Jr (jail guard)
Jennifer Bushnell (girl on campus)
Melinda Sánchez (prostitute)
Chele Neighbors, Asley Christofferson, Ellie Archer, Kimberly Scott (cheerleaders)

Alternative Titles

Shadow of Murder – German title
Murhaajan synkkä varjo – Finnish title
W Kregu podejrzen – Polish title

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