Alien Terminator (1995)

82m (Germany), 90m (UK), 95m (USA)
stereo, English

An American science fiction film directed by Dave Payne.

Plot Summary

A team of scientist are working five miles beneath the surface of the Earth on a series of cutting edge genetic experiments. It all goes terribly wrong when one of the experiments backfires, unleashing a near immortal creature that feeds on human flesh…


Director: Dave Payne
Calibre Films
Executive Producer: Minard Hamilton, Rob Kerchner
Producers: Mike Upton, Mike Elliott
Script: Duke Lorr, Dave Payne
Director of Photography: Michael Mickens
Editors: Roderick Davies, Gene Hertel
Music: Christopher Lennertz, Nigel Holton
Sound Recordist: Matthew Hauser
Costume Designers: Tami Moore, Rena Moore
Make Up Prosthetics: Fionagh Cush, Tania Wanstall
Special Effects: Horror Lab, Cumberland FX
Creature Consultant: Kevin Gillogly
Creature Effects: Mark Mobley
Virtual Reality Effects: Greg Easley
Production Designer: Lisa Salazar

Maria Ford (McKay)
Rodger Halston (Dean Taylor)
Emile Levisetti (Pete)
Cassandra Leigh [real name: Lisa Boyle – listed as such in the end credits] (Rachel)
Kevin Alber (Newton)
Bob McFarland (coach)
Betsy Baldwin (Kelly Hill)
Dick H. Buchiett (the boss)
Michelle Garb (mother)
Andrew Shoffner (Lieutenant Brinx)
Tom Sunstrom (Lieutenant Harvey)

Alternative Titles

Alien Species – UK title



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